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Penny Auctions at pennygrab.com are fun to play and easy to learn! Anyone can do it!

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Daily Deals Information
  • All Penny Auction Deals start at $0.00 and are all brand new products.
  • First you must buy PennyGrab Credits, You can place a multiple credits, or Blitz Grab Credits, we recommend Blitz Grab Credits
  • Each credit will increase the price by $0.01 cent which make it a penny auction
  • Blitz Feature to place multiple credits for you and lock out other users on most auctions. (highly recommended)
  • If the Daily Deal reaches the pre-determined Deal Price set by a random generated program (See live demo here), the item sells and no new Credits can be placed the person who placed the last credit wins the Deal can than be purchased at the final Deal Price.
  • Our Daily Deals can be up to 90% off retail price! and Shipping is FREE!