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Penny Auctions at pennygrab.com are fun to play and easy to learn! Anyone can do it!

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Welcome to PennyGrab 101!
We built PennyGrab 101 as a resource for our customers so that you may learn more about our auction model and how to win our great products for extremely low deals! We understand that you expect an exciting shopping experience when you come to PennyGrab, so we promise to do our best to make it happen!

The goal is to explain our auction model, which we'll admit, is not simple, though we do think it's the most fun and and exciting way to shop online. We encourage you to read PennyGrab 101, We guarantee that the information there will make for a more fun, more successful PennyGrab.com experience!
New to PennyGrab? Watch the intro.











Welcome to PennyGrab.com Here you will find the easiest, most exhilarating online deals for the latest electronic items, gift cards, housewares, purses, gold and silver collectibles. We sell only brand new top-name products up to 90% off the suggested retail price. It does not get better than this! We have something for everyone, whether it is that new iPad, large screen HD TV, Amazon Kindles, Gold and Silver coins, or gift cards to help you save money, you will find it all here on PennyGrab! So, take a minute to browse through our current Daily Deals, buy some credits to get started and Win!

At PennyGrab we always make it exciting. We offer a variety of auctions, and even prizes within our auctions.


Simply sign up for a FREE account. Purchase credits to start participating by placing credits on our Daily Deals and Auctions


Credits start at $0.50 each and are available in packs of 50, 100, 500 and 1000. PennyGrab Credit packs can be purchased at any point, PennyGrab accepts all major credit cards through PayPal and regular PayPal our payment process is SSL secured.


Credits, Bonus Credits and Promo Credits can all be used to bid on all of our auctions. There are, however, some differences between the 3.

When you use a normal, purchased "credit" to bid on an auction and that auction contains a "Buy Now" button you will notice that the "buy now" price is reduced by 10 cents on each bid. A "Credit" is the only currentcy on PennyGrab.com that will reduce the "Buy Now" price. Your purchased Credits never expire.

Bonus Credits:
Bonus credits can be used to bid on auctions and are usually obtained through winning auctions that contain bonus credits or you may win a prize that contains bonus credits. Bonus credits do not reduce an auctions "Buy Now" price and do not expire.

Promo Credits:
Promo Credits can be used to bid on auctions and are usually obtained through winning auctions that contain "Promo" credits, email promotions or you may win a prize that contains promo credits. Promo credits do not reduce an auctions "Buy Now" price, however, they do EXPIRE. Promo credits completely expire each morning at (approx.) 3am PST. So after winning promo credits make sure you use them up before logging off for the day. Promo credits are automatically used for bidding after you win them regardless of your bidding preferences.


All of our deal prices are based off of 5% of the actual value of the item.


1.  Register for a FREE Account  
To register CLICK HERE. It takes less than a minute to sign up and we require no personal information or credit card details. You must be over 18 years of age to participate.

2.  Placing Credits
Once you have purchased a Credit Pack, start placing your credits on any Live Daily Deals. When another person places a Credit, the Deal Price will increase .01 cent If you reach the Deal Price, then you win the product for that final Deal Price. The Winner must pay the final Deal Price. Placed credits are non-refundable.

 3.  Purchase Additional Credits. 
Additional Credit Packs can be bought at any point. We accept all major credit cards and our payment process is SSL secured! Once you have purchased credits, they will appear in your account automatically.

 4.  Safety & Security 
All our payment options are SSL secured, giving you peace of mind for your credit card security. You can buy credits using all major credit cards through our PayPal checkout system.


1. Start Slowly

Read the site's rules and FAQ pages before placing a credit. Spend some time watching a particular Daily Deal to get the lay of the land. Then, start by placing a credit on relatively inexpensive items to reduce your risk while learning the ins and outs of how online deals play out.

2. Check out the Daily Deals
Take the time to learn more about the deal you want to win. Check out previously ended Deals for the same product or category. Study the way our Daily Deals work and observe how and when other Members bid. Regardless if the item(s) you want are iPad's, Xbox 360 or even just Gift Cards, you should find a strategy that works for you!

3. Place Your Credits
When you place your credit against another member(s), there is a greater chance of winning. When 2 or more members place credits against each other, this effectively raises the Deal Price increasing your chances to win a Daily Deal at a great price!

4. Place a Credit Strategically
View the history on each item to see the details and times of the last ten credits placed. Watch for time intervals to find any patterns to snap up a bargain deal or if you're just going for one of the MANY Bonus Prizes

5. Use Blitz Grab to place multiple credits and lock out other bidders

Place Multiple credits to lockout other bidders in our penny auctions. We suggest you input as many as credits to completely fill the range.

6. Review Each Purchase or Sale
All details of every transaction, including the credit purchases history, can be found on > My Account page. We will also send you a confirmation email for every purchase as well as when we ship out your orders.


PennyGrab always want to keep it interesting for you. We are constantly developing different type of auctions, prizes, and contests. Having fun and winning are a great combination that we pride ourselves on by reviewing our formats and creating new and exciting ways for you to win. We listen to your feedback, ideas and general questions because we strive to be the very best bidding sites.

1. Group Grab Auctions
How this works: From to 4-12 people can participate in any 1 Group Grab Auction (GG). Users can only place 1 to 3 credits at a time before another user can place a credit. The person that places a credit at the Deal Price WINS! Group Grab auctions are limited to 10 per day.

2. Fire Grab Progressive Auctions
Fire Grab Progressive

Penny Auctions

start at $10.00, $25.00 or Bonus Credits, each bid placed on an item increases the price of that item by .01 cent and you can bid consecutively up to 5 times. The current bid placed by the Bidder is displayed. However, up until the price reaches the $1.00 threshold, the Bidders Names are blind, so instead of seeing another users name (or them, yours), all that will be displayed are asteriks (****). If the timer reaches SOLD before another bid is placed, the last person to have placed a Bid will have won that item. Fire Grab Progressive auctions run on a countdown sequence. The countdown timer is displayed below each auction item. Once the timer counts down and has less than 30 seconds left on the timer if another bid is placed the auction timer add a random number of seconds. Each time a bid is placed, the timer resets 10 seconds and begins counting down towards zero. As the countdown sequence progresses to zero it will display 3,2,1 Sold. Fire Grab win limits are 2 per day, 10 per week and 40 per month on $10.00 Walmart gift card Auctions. one (1) per day on bonus credit auctions and 1 per day, 10 per week, 10 per month on $25.00 Amazon gift card auctions.

Note: You can swap them out for any other card we offer! (so long as it is in equal amounts. E.g.; Gift Cards can be exchanged for any other Gift Card)
What makes our Progressive Fire Grab's progressive? Hidden the in the structure of each PFG (Progressive Fire Grab) is an algorithm that will automatically increase the prize value of the item being Bid on. So for example, what began as an Auction for a $10.00 Gift Card will change to a $15.00 Gift Card once a threshold has been crossed (for example, once that auction passes $.30 cents, the Auction is no longer for the $10.00 Gift Card, but increases to a $15.00 Gift Card and will continue to increase in value as the auction progresses).

3. Free to Bid Auctions
Free to Bid Auctions makes everyone a winner. Place your credits for FREE. Match EXACTLY the listed auction price to win that Prize. These prizes may include: credit packs, gift cards. You can place up to multiple credits in a row as fast possible to win. All prizes are guaranteed to be discounted up to 60% OFF. Note: To participate, you must have purchased a bid pack within the last week or a 1 time large bid pack purchase (500 or 1000 credits). Free to Bid Auction Prize Wins are not exchangeable.

4. Blitz Grab Auctions
When you see a BG logo and you want that auction, go to the product details page, look on the right side for the BLITZ GRAB button. Set the number of credits you want to place and when you are ready, simply click the BLITZ GRAB button. If you hit the deal price - You Win. Learn more by watching our video HERE.

Group Grabs

Group Grab Information
  • All Group Grab Penny Auction Deals start at $0.00, and participant must join by clicking, "Join Group Grab"
  • Once you buy in you cannot leave that instance of "Group Grab", unless if nobody else joins and the clock starts.
  • For $10.00 Gift card Group Grab auctions it's 6 credits to join, each credit will increase the price by $0.01, you can only place up to 3 credits at a time. There is a 10 second timer in the Group Grab auctions.
  • For $25.00 Gift card Group Grab auctions it's 15 credits to join, each credit will increase the price by $0.01, you can only place up to 3 credits at a time. There is a 10 second timer in the Group Grab auctions.
  • For $50.00 Gift card Group Grab auctions it's 30 credits to join, each credit will increase the price by $0.01, you can only place up to 3 credits at a time. There is a 10 second timer in the Group Grab auctions.
  • For $100.00 Gift card Group Grab auctions it's 60 credits to join, each credit will increase the price by $0.01, you can only place up to 3 credits at a time.
  • If they do not place a credit than the Group Grab auction ends and PennyGrab keeps the credits, and credits that are left over at the end of the Group Grab will be credited back to the user account if the auction is won by a user.
  • All participants of Group Grab must place credits in the begining of a Group Grab, it's kinda the point, you know, to WIN!
  • If a Member doesn't place a credit while in Group Grab, they can be suspended from Group Grab for disruption.
  • For each various type of Group Grab, there are also rules as to how many people will be able to join a particular Group Grab, up to 6 people for the $10.00 Group Grab, up to 6 people for the $25.00 Group Grab auctions, up to 12 People for the $50.00 Daily Deal Auctions, up to 24 People for the $100 Daily Deal Auctions.
  • Users can only place up to 3 credits before another user can place a credit on all our Group Grab Auctions.
  • Last person that hits the Group Grab Deal Price WINS!

Blitz Tokens

A Blitz Token is a special currency that allows the owner to purchase an auction item at the "Buy Now" price prior to the end of an auction if they are 10 percent off or more. In addition, if a Blitz Token owner wins an auction using the Blitz feature and that auction is either a gift card or precious metal item (eg. a commemorative coin), and the Buy Now price is, at least, 0-10% off the product price then the "Buy Now" for that auction is automatically awarded and placed in the winners account page where it can be purchased or traded in the Marketplace.

Bltiz Token Buy Nows (Bltiz BINS) that are automatically placed in your account and can be returned by clicking on the "Return For Blitz Token" button next to the Blitz Buy Now that you feel that you don't want to purchase or trade.

Blitz Bin Requirements
1) Deal item must be in the "Precious Metals & Watches" or "Gift Card" category.
2) You must have a blitz token.
3) You must win the item using the "Blitz" feature.
4) The "Buy Now" price at the time of the win must be less than the product price minus a percentage set by the site manager (usually 0-10%).

You can obtain Blitz Tokens several ways: 1) when you purchase a 1000 bids credit pack you get 1 Blitz token. 2) Win a Blitz Token auction. 3) You can trade for Blitz Tokens in the Marketplace.

Our Blitz Grab Tokens have NO Final Value Fee's, so you'll never pay for the ending sale price of the Fire Grab Penny Auction for a Token if you win a Token via that method, which also will help ensure you can maximize your savings when you use your Token on a Buy Now.

To find out how many Blitz Tokens that you have go to your My Account > Account Details page: Available Blitz Tokens: #

Where else can you Win Great Prizes as well as Additional Prizes while Bidding. This is a redundant question: and the answer is obvious - Here at PennyGrab, of course.

1. Mystery Prizes:
Any time throughout the auction (from the start to conclusion) you may win a Mystery Prize. Numerous Mystery Prizes are hidden throughout each auction. Simply place a credit during any mystery auction and you may randomly win. These prizes may include: gift cards, credits, and more! You may even win something BIG. Mystery Prize Wins are not exchangeable.



2. Bonus Prizes:
Place a credit EXACTLY at the listed auction price to win that Bonus Prize. Click on the item to see the list and auction price for that particular item. These prizes may include: credit packs, gift cards, credits, and more. Bonus Prize Wins are not exchangeable.


This is yet another innovation on PennyGrab. Buy Now is only available after the auction has ended or during the auction if you have a "Blitz Token" before being reset to the retail value. However, only 1 item per auction is available at that price for all members, so if you see a deal you want on Buy Now, grab it fast! Once an auctions Buy Now has been purchased the "Buy Now" for that auction will end and no further buy nows will be allowed on that auction. Only the top 3 bidders (using credit bids) on an auction will qualify to enter the Buy Now page.


The account "Buy Now" page shows all of your "Buy Now" purchases along with tracking numbers (if the item has been shipped).


Log into your account, go to "My Account" and click on "My Credits" to your right. Here you will see all the Deals that you are placing a credits on. It will give you the total amount of Purchases you have made to date as well as how much you have spent on a single deal.

To see who is placing a credit in a Deal, simply look under 'credit history' on the bottom right hand side of the product page. This is a list of the most recent bidders on that deal and the time they placed there credit.


When you place a credit, the credit will then be added to the "Bid Pool" in the order in which it was received by our server. What we need to focus on however, is not who the current highest bidder is, but more so, in trying to bid at the hidden Deal Price. The Winner of any Mystery Prize, Bonus Prize, Penny Auction or Daily Deal will know immediately! This of course doesn't work with PFG (Progressive Fire Grab) where the person with the final Bid placed when the timer reaches zero (00m:00s) wins!


Internet lag can sometimes cause a delay with your bid reaching the PennyGrab servers before the auction closes. The most common causes are high traffic somewhere between your PC and our servers and also that your wireless connection can cause a slight delay as compared to a hard wired connection.


Always use a hard wired high-speed network connection. Some wireless or satellite internet connections may not be stable enough to use while on PennyGrab.
End non-essential tasks, apps or software running in the background on your PC while on PennyGrab.
Do not download or send large files while on PennyGrab.
Do not place your bids at the very last second.


No. You have to wait until a deal goes live.


Congratulations on your WIN! We're Happy to see you Here!

To View all your Won Deals, simply go to "My Account" and then click on "Items Won". At this point you can Check Out your shopping cart and verify your billing and shipping information, then your item(s) will be sent out within 1-2 business days. For even FASTER service, you can combine your Items and we can ship them all out together! Won credit packs are added instantly.

You must check out within 7 days of completion of the auction. Any unclaimed item in your cart that has not been paid for within 7 days may be forfeited.


On all Penny Auctions, PennyGrab has NO win limits. Credit pack auctions have a limit of up to 25 per day.

Bonus Credits are credits you have "won" as prizes within our gift card and product auctions. Be sure to always check your email and/or our Blog for special Promo Credit codes! Credit Pack Auctions have win limits of 25 per day.

PennyGrab.com penny auctions occasionally offers promo credits to purchase credits. If you do receive a promo credits offer, you can type the code into the PROMO CREDITS box to redeem.


All deals are listed on our home page. For deals that are live, you can place a credit anytime! Once the Daily Deal Price has been reached, no further bids will be accepted.

Browse Categories (members area only)
Products are also broken down into categories located on the top right hand side of our homepage.

Ended Deals 
A Daily Deal ends when the Deal price is reached. You cannot place a credit on a SOLD deal.

An deal ends once the Deal price is reached.

What is a Deal End Price?
When the Deal price is reached that is the final price of the item. Only the winner of the Deal can buy the item at that price.

What is the Retail Price of a Product Listed on our Daily Deals?
This is a recommended retail price of the product. The Deal page also lists the savings you make by placing a credit and not directly purchasing it from a retail store.


All Shipping is 100 percent FREE.
We ship UPS and UPS Mail Innovations (UPSMI.COM) and USPS
All products are insured and there are no extra fees for this service.


We ship each order within 3-5 business days. it can take up to 10 business days to arrive within the USA, Canada from when we ship your item, you will be emailed a shipping confirmation.


If you have paid for and have not received your product within 15 business days, please contact one of our team members at info@pennygrab.com. We will ensure the issue is resolved promptly and efficiently.
We currently ship within the United States and Canada. Shipping costs may vary from what is shown on the deal. The recipient responsible for any import duties and taxes which their country may impose. You may contact us for more information.

This is unlikely, yet if you do receive a defective product, please contact one of our team members immediately at info@pennygrab.com. We will make sure that the problem is resolved promptly and efficiently. Please do not return the product to us.

You may also check the manufacturer's website or call their helpline to find a simpler solution. We work very closely with each of our suppliers to help identify any problems and to replace defective products as needed.

All products include a product manual which contains the manufacturer's contact details listed inside.

Absolutely! All products auctioned and sold on PennyGrab are brand new and come with a standard 1 year warranty offered by the original manufacturer. Your warrantee card will be included with the item in the package you receive.

All products won on PennyGrab come with a standard manufactures warrantee. However, if you wish to extend your warrantee, you can contact the original manufacturer.

If you decide that you no longer want the product you have won, contact one of our team members at info@pennygrab.com to arrange a return. All products must be returned within 14 days. You will be refunded for the final deal price that you paid and NOT the cost of your credits. Shipping fees cannot be refunded. You must return the product in its original packaging, without any damage. We do recommend you take shipping insurance if sending the product back to us.

Simply log into your PennyGrab Account , click on the Reset your password link under the login section. Our system will ask you for your email address and we will send you instructions to re-cover your password or username.

Simply click on the "Reset your password"' link under the Log in section. Our system will ask you for your email address and we will send you instructions to re-cover your password or username.

Unfortunately, your user name cannot be changed. When registering, select a username that is fun but not offensive.

PennyGrab limits users to one (1) account per person and allows only one (1) account per household. You must use a valid personal email address to register.

Simply log into Your PennyGrab Account and click 'My Account', then select 'Shipping Address' to add or change your address.

Simply log into Your PennyGrab Account and click 'My credits'. Here you can check number of credits you have purchased and used.

Simply log into Your PennyGrab Account and click 'Won deals' to check how many you have won.

Credit packs can be bought at any point. Credits are $0.50. each and available in packs of 30, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal�, our payment process is SSL secured. Once you have purchased credits, they will appear in your account automatically.

Bonus Credits are credits you have "won" during an auction as prizes and never expire. Bonus Credit wins require a 24 hour checkout or they will EXPIRE. So cash them in immediately and use them to Win even more prizes, gift cards and products.

You can pay for any product or item you have won with any major credit card. Simply log into Your PennyGrab Account and click 'My Account', then select the item.

To ensure the highest level of security all our payment options are SSL secured. This means you can have the confidence to process transactions through a secure encrypted connection.

To play one of PennyGrab's exciting games, you must first win a "Bonus Play" token. Bonus Plays are attached to certain auctions containing this symbol on the upper right of the product image: . Bonus Plays may also be given out as "prizes" on certain "prize" auctions.

There are only three restrictions on the games:
1) The Penny Dozer game is limited to 3 times per month.
2) The Penny Scratcher game is limited to 3 times per month.
3) The Whack-A-Penny game is limited to 3 times per month.

If you feel that you did not receive your bonus credits after completing a survey with Super Rewards then send an email to: points@srpoints.com and make sure that you include your user ID (). If you do not see your user ID inside the parentheses then login and veiw this FAQ again.

If you see a "LOCKED" image where the bid button would normally be this means that another member has placed a large number of consecutive bids (50) on that auction. To protect that members investment, PennyGrab will "lock" that auction for a period of 180 seconds after the bidding member has stopped placing bids. Once the lock time has expired, the "LOCKED" image will be removed and the normal bid button will reappear and you will be able to bid on the auction as normal.